Involvement most welcome. The hackathon organisers will provide data, infrastructure, expertise and realistic themes. However, please consider bringing your own ideas, data and discussion points – we actively seek a diverse range of contributions. Feel free to  contact the organisers and contribute.

Contributions can either be challenges which motivate the collective work of the hackathon, or technology or data which makes practical work possible. Note that there is no prior deadline for contribution. We are pretty much open to anything, so long as it is relevant…


Define and elaborate a challenge for your fellow LA makers, to broaden or deepen the challenges set out by the organisers.

We particularly welcome statements of issues/needs in some form, including: as a lightening talk, a blog post, or a position paper.

These could explore, either in relation to academic practice or research:

  1. Gaps between the data that is measured and the data that research suggests provides the best insights into student learning and desirable outcomes?
  2. The perspective of the academic or student as user or beneficiary.

Technology & Data

If you wish to add your own products or research artefacts to the technology and data testbed then you are most welcome to make contact. We also welcome contact from people with expertise in open source software or experience with some open data, but if you do introduce some open software or data to the hackathon, do be prepared to share your expertise.

Contributions of data which is not open are also welcome, especially if the information it carries cannot be expressed using existing technical standards (e.g. xAPI or IMS Caliper). Please ensue that the necessary consents and anonymisation are in place.

The definition of the technology and data will evolve in the coming months; it could be some data, visualisation components, or an API-enabled learning analytics infrastructure component or a user-facing application.

To contribute, please use the Contact Page.